Welcome to Wood Reincarnation

Wood Reincarnation is all about producing works of Art, both practical and visually pleasing, using old recycled pieces of wood. Some of the wood has been pre used and some of it has simply been discarded.
I also try to incorporate many other recycled objects and materials into my work.
In effect I give old discarded wood and other materials a new lease of life by reshaping and reforming them into very individual works of art, many of which have a very practical use in everyday life.
Many of the wooden items that I produce are very individual as no two pieces of wood are ever the same. This is purely because of where the wood originates from.
The wood that I work with is obtained by me from several sources including beach driftwood, old workshop benches, off cuts from sawmills ect. In fact any wood which appears to have no further practical use.
Much of the wood that I use is hardwood, particularly the wood which I use for my wine racks. I use several types of reclaimed hardwood including Elm, Oak, Yew, Mahogany, Meranti, and Tulip wood to name a few. I feel that hardwood gives my objects the character and strength that they require for such statement pieces.
A lot of the hardwood that I use for my wine racks has some type of "burr" or "wainey edge" left on at least one face. I feel that this adds to the character of the final piece. I also like to leave a few tell tale marks in most of my re used wood, such as old dints, small holes and score marks. I feel that this helps to tell the story of the original piece of wood particularly if it has come from an old bench or other well used item. These marks have been purposely left in and should not be viewed as some sort of imperfection in the finish, but merely as a clue to the history of the piece.
I finish all my wood with a simple and natural wax finish. You will find that there are prices on only some of my items. This is purely because of the fact that many of my pieces are unique and most cannot be reproduced and therefore once that item has been sold, it is impossible to reproduce another one exactly the same. If an item does have a price showing then it has either not being sold or can be reproduced. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of my work. You will be able to pay via PayPal, but I will need to invoice you first. Thank you for your interest.